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About Mangoglass

Mangoglass was initially established to offer fused glass trophies to small local agility events and competitions. The unique concept of combining glass art as trophies meant mangoglass quickly grew. We now cater for many different canine and non-dog related sports and events all over the country.

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Mangoglass – Bespoke fused glass trophies and awards

As a dog lover with a creative passion, I managed to combine my love of glass working and agility to create Mangoglass. My mission is to offer a personal service to ensure your awards will be displayed and treasured in years to come.



Mango was our rescue dog who was was never destined for agility greatness.  He  was able to run at 100 miles an hour (but only in straight lines) but  more often he would decide it was all too much effort!  Dispute this we did manage to win a trophy which is still proudly displayed, unfortunately it resembles a brick with a plaque on it!. This got me thinking how nice it would be to have something I was proud to have on display and was also nice to look at… hence mangoglass was created.

How it's made

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Step 1

To create the patterned glass a sheet of decal is soaked in water and then applied to clear 3mm or 6mm thick fusing glass. This then needs to dry overnight before being fused in the kiln to temperatures of around 755’C. The decal then melts into the glass to crate the patterned effect. After allowing to cool for a further 12 hours the now patterned sheet of glass can be used in step 2

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Step 2

The sheet of ready coloured fusing glass or patterned glass made in step 1 is the hand cut into individual parts (legs, feet, ears body head etc) and assembled to create the desired figure (ie a standing dog) this is tack glued together with PVA so when I lift them into the kiln they stay together.

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These figures now go back into the kiln for a full fuse up to 785’C to melt all the legs, head, body etc together. 7 hours cooking and another 12hours to cool. Some items like the weaving dogs require another fusing to bend them into shape or tack fuse additional parts onto them.

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Step 4

The wood plinths are teak oiled and rubber feet added. Engraving is then lasered into the wood or an engraved plaque is added. A hole is drilled into the top of the plinth to mount the glass.

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Step 5

An acrylic mounting peg is glued to the bottom of the glass dog (glass item).

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Step 6

Each item is carefully packaged in its own bubble envelope and is posted to the show/event ready to be won

Latest News

Latest News

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